521 - Smoking Cessation provision in the CDS

KF Rustomji
Presented by: Kunashni Firoze Rustomji
Community Dental Service ABMU

Introduction In Wales 17% of adults (approximately 440000) smoke, as revealed in the National Survey for Wales 2018-19. Smoking remains the single greatest cause of avoidable mortality in Wales and is a major contributor to health inequalities. Due to the lack of patients being given smoking cessation advice in the community dental service, this quality improvement project (QIP) was carried out to try and increase its provision, and lower the burden of smoking related illness. Methods The QIP was carried out using the model for improvement methodology and PDSA approach. A driver diagram was devised to draw up the aims and possible changes. Baseline data was initially collected. Data was collected from two surgeries on a Tuesday and Wednesday over 10 days/sessions. Clinical records and medical history forms were assessed to see patient’s smoking status and smoking cessation provision. Following baseline data collection, the intervention (staff training) was carried out. Results A total of 218 patients were included in the study. The pre-intervention baseline median was 0%, but post-intervention that increased to 23%. An average of 15% of smokers were given smoking cessation advice prior to the intervention, but that increased to 25% of smokers following the change. Conclusion The results revealed that the intervention did show an improvement and more patients were being given smoking cessation advice. There was however still room for improvement. Further changes which could be implemented include training refresher sessions or online sessions, which may help further increase staff motivation and confidence in providing advice. Reminder emails, posters and modification of medical history forms, may also help and could be implemented as further changes to increase compliance. 
Consent Statement: There are no details on individual patients reported within the abstract.

Poster Smoking Cessation provision in the CDS