Welsh Hospitals Presentations 2021

Index Title Number Specialty Presenter Hospital Format
P01 Re-audit of patient satisfaction about quality of care received on the Dental Exam & Emergency clinic 460 OMFS Joseph Reid Cardiff Dental Hospital Poster
P02 An audit to investigate whether sufficient justification for chest x-rays is given for an unaccounted tooth in dental trauma 462 OMFS Frances Hall Prince Charles Hospital Poster
P03 An audit into the suitability of using video conferencing as an alternative to face-to-face appointments. 464 OMFS Yuze Zhao Prince Charles Hospital Poster
P04 Reducing risk of harm- a quality improvement in theatre listing 469 OMFS Anna Dahill Glan Clwyd Hospital Poster
P05 Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis: Recurrence of an isolated oral lesion 472 OMFS Charlotte Frazer Cox Morriston Hospital Poster
P06 A Review of Discharge Advice Letters for Patients Admitted with a Dental Abscess 478 OMFS Joanna Dimelow Glan Clwyd Hospital Poster
P07 The use of radiographic imaging for suspected midface fractures in the Accident & Emergency Department 479 OMFS Nicola Gallagher Glan Clwyd Hospital Poster
P08 Quality Improvement: Tongue Tie Referrals using BTAT at a Maxillofacial Department 481 OMFS Laura Brooks Morriston Hospital Poster
P09 Oral Medicine Medical History Documentation – A 2-cycle Audit 484 OMFS Rachel Botrugno Cardiff Dental Hospital Poster
P10 Emergency Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery theatre cases 2019-2020: a review during the COVID-19 pandemic 486 OMFS Susanna Carr Prince Charles Hospital Poster
P11 To assess the possible increase in referrals for emergency dental care to PCH A&E during COVID-19 492 OMFS Apryl O' Halloran Prince Charles Hospital Poster
P12 Battle of the Irrigants: An Audit to assess the type of irrigants used in the management of alveolar osteitis 504 OMFS Gabby Jeyatheswaran Community Dental Service CwmTaf Poster
P13 Dental Implants- how high is our complication rate? 505 OMFS Aarifa Hussain Cardiff Dental Hospital Poster
P14 Oral Surgery Record Keeping within the General Dental Service - A Quality Improvement Project 507 OMFS Oliver Jacob Community Dental Service Powys Poster
P15 A five year retrospective review of fibula donor site closure and complications 510 OMFS Anna Davies Morriston Hospital Poster
P16 Intra-oral and cutaneous lesions; Audit of procedure booked vs procedure performed. 512 OMFS Charlotte Fleming Glan Clwyd Hospital Poster
P17 An Audit of Record Keeping for IV Sedation Use in Oral Surgery 520 OMFS Grace Clancy Prince Charles Hospital Poster
P18 Quality improvement project to improve the use of the Team Talk Database system by the OMFS SHOs over 4 months. 523 OMFS Philippa Barnes Royal Gwent Hospital Poster
P19 DermaClose for fibula donor site closure: A Technical Note 524 OMFS Jennifer Edmondson Morriston Hospital Poster
P20 Compliance of OMFS trainees with the Oral and Maxillofacial Database in logging Emergency department activity 526 OMFS Tristan Bradshaw Cardiff Dental Hospital Poster
P21 An Assessment of the Efficiency and Effectiveness of 'Attend Anywhere' Orthodontic Clinics during COVID-19. 452 Ortho&Paeds Rebecca Jane Litt Royal Gwent Hospital Poster
P22 A study of the self-efficacy of students undertaking treatment in paediatric patients compared with adult patients. 454 Ortho&Paeds Neel Sethi Cardiff Dental Hospital Poster
P23 The diagnostic value of orthopantomograms in detecting resorption of lateral incisors associated with ectopic canines 463 Ortho&Paeds Catherine Hershaw Royal Gwent Hospital Poster
P24 A two cycle audit of appointment adherence within the Orthodontic, Paediatric and General anaesthetic community dental services department 475 Ortho&Paeds Ailish Williams Keir Hardie Dental Unit Poster
P25 Namibia: Developing Partnerships for Children’s Oral Health 483 Ortho&Paeds Caron Pari Cardiff Dental Hospital Poster
P26 Learning from lockdown: An audit of the appropriateness of contacts/referrals made to Paediatric Dentistry during lockdown 499 Ortho&Paeds Alice Bradley Cardiff Dental Hospital Poster
P27 A retrospective audit to assess the quality of radiographic reporting of dentists working within the Community Dental Service 470 Special Care Liyana Esmail Cardiff Dental Hospital Poster
P28 A case report to describe the management of endodontic infection in an immature lateral incisor with dens invaginatus. 474 Restorative Madeleine Ball Cardiff Dental Hospital Poster
P29 An audit to assess the effectiveness of remote antibiotic prescribing during the COVID-19 pandemic 476 Restorative Neel Sethi Cardiff Dental Hospital Poster
P30 Assessing Benefit of an Evidence Based Revision of a Patient Information Leaflet on Oro-Dental Care for Radiotherapy Patients 488 Restorative Sarah Alwan Morriston Hospital Poster
P31 Case study: Challenges in the management of a patient with severe pathological tooth wear 514 Restorative Fatima Niazi Cardiff Dental Hospital Poster
P32 Smoking Cessation provision in the CDS 521 Special Care Kunashni Firoze Rustomji Community Dental Service ABMU Poster
P33 Lessons from Lockdown: An Audit of the Effect of Covid19 on Record Keeping in the CDS 525 Special Care Saiba Ghafoor St. David's Hospital Poster
P34 Management and restoration of a failed root canal treatment of a maxillary second premolar 530 Restorative Gurkiranjit Kaur Sukhbeer Singh Cardiff Dental Hospital Poster